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Press freedom mural at NPC building altered

Update: Today's Inquirer headline story reports that the NPC admitted to having the mural altered for its "political" message.

As it turned out, President Arroyo unveiled the mural, and due to the criticisms of some PSG men, the NPC leadership ordered the modification.

This is utterly stupid and outrageous. Story here.

From zumel.com:
We were shocked to be informed by one of their board of directors that changes were made in the mural without our knowledge.

Changes include:
1) The erasure of a big portion of the newspaper held by the central figure, containing the statement of the International Federation of Journalists regarding the perceived effects of the anti-terror law on press freedom, and replaced by a hideous bird-monster in a cage;

2) The alteration of the headline of the newspaper Jose Rizal is holding from "Press Freedom Fighter's Son Abducted" to "Press Freedom Fight Is On" and the defacement of Jonas and Edith Burgos's pictures as well as the erasure of Jonas's name;

3) The change of the tattoo on Andres Bonifacio's left arm from the alibata "K" to a sappy red heart pierced by an arrow;

4) The erasure of the name of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines from the banners of the rallyists;

5) The lengthening of the hair and beard of the figure identified as academician-columnist Prof. Randy David beside columnist Conrad de Quiros;

6) The addition of beard and mustache and the change of hair color from white to black of the pugo and balut vendor identified as columnist and Martial Law detainee Juan Mercado.

We believe that the abovementioned alterations were made by some unidentified artist/s with the authorization and consent of the NPC leadership (even with their disavowal of responsibility, considering that the mural was within their premises). We rail against these modifications not only because of the slipshod work and poor artistry but more so because of the censorship that is clearly at work here.

See the whole, unaltered mural here.

“Press freedom mural at NPC building altered”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    ang alam ko, nung nag-ceremonial chorva yung npc last week, guests si GMA at FG. I dont want to put on some lame views pero it's the strongest hint that i can think of.



  2. Blogger Vencer Says:

    grabe naman talaga ang ginawa nila. sinira ang gawa ng artist, tapos hindi naman kinakailangan talaga gawin unless sobra sobrang bastos talaga sila.

  3. Blogger Renegade Eye Says:

    Really interesting post.

    Who doo you want to replace Arroyo with?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    this reminds me of the mural at the Philippine Heart Center where Imelda's face was prominently painted. For a long time the mural was covered. Buti yun covered lang. This NPC Mural is much worse..talagang sinira...just on the say-so of the PSG. Bakit censor na rin ba sila sa Art..and nag expand na ang role nila?

    This proves that generally this administration can get away with everything..and I mean everything!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    " Who doo you want to replace Arroyo with? "

    Fuck you !