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Online web tool turns your images into printable, supersized, half-tone posters

Rasterbator is a freakingly cool image tool, perhaps one of the best ones in the web.

Upload a .jpg file and in seconds, this awesome online tool transforms it into a pdf file of a huge, half-toned poster, which you can print on many sheets of paper using your ordinary desktop printer.

Yes, it automatically divides the poster into small chunks that your printer can handle. And yes, it's for free. Ang galing!

This means you can blow things out of freaking proportion and post extra-large images without having to pay for tarpaulins, blow-up photo prints or expensive posters.

I hope that this thing will get the LFS graffiti artists and school propagandists brainstorming hard for operasyon dikit (street poster operation) ideas. This will definitely be useful.

Example below:

Check out the gallery for more "rasticulation".


“Online web tool turns your images into printable, supersized, half-tone posters”