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Must buy: Datu's Tribe "Whoa Pilipinas!" album now out!

Hindi pwedeng hindi ka magkaroon nito!

Datu's Tribe has finally released the much awaited "Whoa! Pilipinas!" album. Here are some reasons why you should buy the album today:

1. It's simply freaking awesome. Contains some seriously socially-critical content in a mind-blowing rock metal package. The album is an in-your-face exposition of rotten RP reality, free from artsy-farsty, emo-"nationalist" pretentions.

2. Buying the album not only means supporting genuine OPM, but supporting progressive minded artists determined to speak the truth and fight ruling oppressors. Whoa's a courageous indie project, as major record companies refused to produce it, due to its politically loaded content.
3. By buying the album, you are encouraging Datu's Tribe and other Filipino artists creating meaningful, critical and relevant content. If you are tired of having to bear with senseless trash being played in the radios and MTVs, start the doing something about it and buy the album.

Link to Datu's Tribe multiply page. Watch their gig videos and listen to their songs. More photos here.

“Must buy: Datu's Tribe "Whoa Pilipinas!" album now out!”