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How to get free movies from the internet

Yes, yes, yo. You can download the greatest movies, even ones which are yet to be shown in the cinemas, for free. Yebah. The magic word: torrent.

I've you still haven't known about torrents and torrent downloading, you've been missing a lot. Torrenting is basically file-sharing made better. (Nah, I won't try to explain. Basta, it works. If you want more details, see this wikipedia entry.)

Start your downloading frenzy in 3 easy steps:

1. Download a torrent client software. I use Azureus for mac, utorrent for PC.

2. Search for your torrents. My favorite: mininova. Check out also torrentscan.net.

3. Download! Speed will depend on your internet connection and the number of people "seeding" the file. It usually takes me about an hour to complete a film download. I add my torrent software to my startup programs so that it runs while I read, type, or do whatever on my computer.

Sometimes I leave the computer turned on while I'm out of the house, and I get to complete downloading as much as 8-10 films.

  • You might need to do something to enable some routers and firewalls to have speedy downloads. Go to portforward.com.
  • When downloading, check the comments to see user feedback on quality and content. Also, download the ones with more seeds and less peers.
  • You can subscribe or regularly visit junknova.com for newly released torrent films.
Some must-watch films links:

Loose Change 911
The Revolution Will not be Televised

Btw, Filipino films, including indies, are also available for download.

“How to get free movies from the internet”