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Prof. Jose Ma. Sison set free

Yehey! Congratulations to Prof. Sison!

The release of Prof. Sison is great news for all patriotic and freedom loving Filipinos.

Official announcement of the Dutch Ministry of Justice here.

Here's Bagong Alyansang Makabayan's statement.

Parting shot: read Kapirasong Kritika on De Quiros' column on Joma's arrest.

Carol Araullo discusses how Prof. Sison's rights have been consistently violated by the Dutch government during his arrest and during his exile in the Netherlands.

Read Prof. Sison's statement. Arkibongbayan posts photos and tv news clips here.

Mabuhay si Prof. Sison at ang makabayang kilusan ng mamamayang Pilipino! Tuloy ang laban!

Update (Videos): Here's a YouTube video post of Prof. Sison being welcomed by friends and supporters immediately after his release. Meanwhile, in the news interviews, Prof. Sison hits psychological torture done upon him including solitary confinement and interrogation.

Video reposted from GMANews.TV

“Prof. Jose Ma. Sison set free”

  1. Blogger Renegade Eye Says:

    Some of your comrades, as far as Minneapolis where I'm from, campaigned to free him.

  2. Blogger vencer Says:

    That's good to hear. It's really a good thing that he was released.

    Earlier this morning we had a multi-sectoral rally in celebration of his release and condemnation of the Dutch-US-Arroyo government's harassment.