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OneWebDay 2007: Celebrate the Internet


The Web is worth celebrating.

OneWebDay is one day a year when we all - everyone around the physical globe - can celebrate the Web and what it means to us as individuals, organizations, and communities.

As with Earth Day - an inspiration and model for OneWebDay - it’s up to the celebrants to decide how to celebrate. We encourage all celebrations! Collaboration, connection, creativity, freedom.

By the end of the day, the Web should be just a little bit better than it was before, and we’ll be able to see our connection to it more clearly.

Today, Sept 22, is OneWebDay2007. Here are some ideas on what you can do to take part.

Meanwhile here are some random thoughts on "celebrating the internet" and my OneWebDay2007 to-do list.
  • The internet really changed the way I get information, different ideas and updates on politics. I get the updates faster, get different views as soon as developments happen, and get immediate feedback. Now, I couldn't imagine not having an internet connection for more than a week.
  • More people, especially activists, should be educated about how the internet can be a vital tool in their education, organizing and campaigning. Many LFS leaders and members still have not discovered the powers of web 2.0, rss feeds, blogging, etc.
  • Blogging and the internet could be used as an effective means for political change if only understood clearly and utilized efficiently for such. Bloggers and friendsters should understand that the internet beyond creating their personal spaces and linking with friends.
  • Internet access limitations are real. Most regular students still do not have DSL connections in their homes and will not waste their baon to browse internet shops unless required (except of course for network gaming). This is why we have to push for greater access and fight government corruption (read: ZTE deal) which blocks access.
  • Things to do for OneWebDay:
    • teach National Artist Bien Lumbera how to use rss readers, sooner or later, convince him to blog after making his website more blog friendly and rss capable;
    • immediately put up lfs.ph, which will involve more LFS members, most of which are not internet active. include a video blog and a team blog that will provide relevant and up to date information and will encourage more people to use the web for resource;
    • actively campaign against the ZTE broadband deal, using the internet as a significant platform;
    • promote this blog actively online and start dropping more comments on other blogs;
    • etc.

“OneWebDay 2007: Celebrate the Internet”