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LFS members mark 30th anniversary with Recto clean-up

A little less than a hundred students showed up this morning for the LFS anniversary clean-up drive at Morayta and Recto this morning. We had around 50 broomsticks and dustpans, courtesy of the Manila City hall plus garbage bags and propaganda materials our members brought with them.

The clean-up drive was a suggestion from tonyo, one of our organization's avid fans (hehe), who thought that this would be a great way to reach out to non-activist members and students, and a good story to sell to the media.

Indeed, we had photographers and reporters covering the event, but I think they were waiting for a scuffle with the police, who, as always, blocked our path to Mendiola where we originally intended to hold our clean-up. Too bad the permit we applied for was still being processed by the city hall's traffic division, forcing us to just hold our activity several blocks away from the historic bridge.

It was a new experience for us, one that I think would be repeated next year and the years after. It would be nice to make it sort of a tradition to clean-up every anniversary celebration. We'll prepare earlier next year, apply our permit a month before, and also have something of a come-on to encourage more members to participate. Perhaps we can have lunch together or end the clean-up with a mural painting.

Happy anniversary to all members and alumni of the LFS!


On Friday, we will have an indoor celebration in UP Manila's Little Theater, 430pm onwards. Everyone is invited.

I intend to post photos as soon as they become available.

Here is a link to our anniversary statement.

“LFS members mark 30th anniversary with Recto clean-up”