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Film on Jonas Burgos gets X rating from MTRCB

A 30-minute collection of public service announcements and short films calling for the surfacing and release of abducted activist Jonas Burgos gets X rating from MTRCB, GMAnews.tv reports.
Part of the MTRCB letter reads: “Scenes in this film are presented unfairly, one-sided and undermines the faith and confidence of the government and duly constituted authorities for public exhibition."
JR (Jonas' brother) said the short film, which is intended as a public service ad, contained 15 scenes made by independent filmmakers who are supporting calls for the immediate release of Jonas and other missing activists.
Posted below are some of the public service announcements made by independent film makers and groups for the Free Jonas Burgos Movement. I'm not sure if these are the same videos contained in the collection, but if these great films are indeed the videos included, filmmakers and artists should be up in arms against this blatant, martial law kind of censorship.

Watch more videos here.

Update: MTRCB lifts X rating after Burgos family appeal, gives the film "R-13" rating instead. Link

“Film on Jonas Burgos gets X rating from MTRCB”

  1. Blogger adarna Says:

    ito yung mga clips and shorts na pinalabas nila nung kiwi event sa freedom bar. kung ito nga rin yung mga public ads, true naman na medyo 'morbid' yung iba. pero maganda at nakakaantig yung kalakhan. saka wtf(?!) dun sa one-sided ek-ek? e anong tawag nila sa mga promo ads ni gloria dibadibs? chaka ng MTRCB! kaya nagagalit sa kanila si joey de leon e..

  2. Blogger vencer Says:

    shet nga eh. kakairita. eto dapat ang short film na para sa kanila:

    Good News - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjimN4UTtGE