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End military rule in Burma!

This in the picture below taken from Bikoy's multiply page is Yan, one of our international friends who integrated with youth groups for several months. He is from Burma.

This picture was taken in a youth rally he participated in here in the Philippines. I wonder if he also took part in protests in Burma.

He seemed really happy during his stay here. You will always see him smiling and joking around. I never really understood his stories about Burma until I saw the news about the monks protesting. No wonder he was really happy and felt deep in solidarity when he was with the orgs here.

I promised to email him this photo, something I never got to do. I told him he looked good in the picture. I hope he gets to read the post and that the photo reaches him.

To Yan and Burma, we extend our warmest, deepest greetings of solidarity in struggle. Makibaka, wag matakot!

Here's a video of the Japanese reporter murdered by agents of the military junta in Burma:

“End military rule in Burma!”