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Accusations against Sison have already been junked by Supreme Court

Details of the arrest of Prof. Jose Ma. Sison and the case being lodged against him have come to show how desperate people like Gloria Arroyo and Norberto Gonzales can get, just to harrass and unjustly persecute a revolutionary leader in the person of Prof. Sison.

The case now being lodged against him (calling for multiple murders of Kintanar and Tabara), is clearly another trumped-up charge as it is an accusation already part of a rebellion case charged by the Philippine govt last February. The case has already been junked by the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines last July 2, 2007.

All the government's so-called evidence, affidavits, etc., (that the Philippine government now admits to have provided the Dutch government and prosecutors), have likewise been rejected by the Supreme Court.

What do these evil morons do? They try to file the same case in another court, one that they hope might fall for their brilliance in fabricating stories (Dutch, if you may), use the same trash as evidence, and then now say that "oh, our recycled evidence must be strong, for these Dutch courts are far more superior than ours. See, they have white skin and they look more intelligent."

Link to really stupid PNP statement: ‘Sison arrest shows we have strong evidence’

For updates and details on how the arrest happened:

Read this statement by the International Committee Defend, this transcript of a DZMM interview with Luis Jalandoni, and the statement of the CPP.

posts photos and Tonyo writes about his personal meeting with Prof. Sison.

“Accusations against Sison have already been junked by Supreme Court”