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Youth activist illegally arrested right after May 1 protest march

Ken Mark Ambay, 23 years old, a member of Kabataan Partylist was arrested while walking with friends after the May 1 protest, a few blocks away from the rally site.

He was suddenly grabbed by a policeman in plainclothes and was brought to a precinct in Sampaloc Manila. He was accused of beating up a police agent, a charge that was clearly fabricated.
“When I resisted, the policeman along with two others shoved me so I fell on my back. They stepped on my neck and waist as they tightly placed handcuffs on my wrists,” recounted Ambay.
Until today, he is still in illegal detention at the WPD headquarters in Manila. No formal charges have been filed against him.

Whole story here and here.

“Youth activist illegally arrested right after May 1 protest march”