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Let's take over the web

Todo na to!

It's less than a week before the elections and we are calling on all KABATAAN bloggers, egroup hijackers, chat addicts, forum hoppers, and all e-campaigners to give it all we've got and be most aggressive in our online campaigning.

We should secure the votes of both young and old netizens and make sure we be seen everywhere online during the last few days of this campaign. Let's take over the web!

Email everyone. Send personal and group emails to everyone in your list endorsing KABATAAN Partylist. Flood your egroups with daily KABATAAN updates.

Blog Barrage. Friendster blogs, multiply, myspace, livejournal, should be filled with entries for KABATAAN. If you don't blog, this is the time to start posting. Most friendster and livejournal blogs announce posts to your friends.

Friendster. Make KABATAAN the Friendster favorite. Barrage your bulletin, create header, message everyone, change primary photo to KABATAAN icon, post KABATAAN testimonials.

Comment. Bloghop everyone and post comments endorsing KABATAAN. Link to kabataanparty.com.

Forum flood. A friend told me that PinoyExchange.com has at least 5,000 people online at any given time. Visit all Filipino forum sites and post topics and start discussions on KABATAAN. Endorse KABATAAN in all election related rooms. The more posts the better.

Text Brigade. Use chikka, text everyone to vote for KABATAAN.

Don't forget to point your campaign to kabataanparty.com. Promote our videos too: kabataanparty.com/videos.

This is it! Panahon na natin KABATAAN!

Please don't hesitate to post other suggestions in the comment thread and pass this message to other e-campaigners.

Good news: MLQ3 endorsed KABATAAN Partylist today in his blog entry.

“Let's take over the web”