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Philippine Army kills 9-year old girl

Young columnist Pat Evangelista today writes about the murder of Grecil Buya, a 9 year old girl, in Compostela Valley. Grecil was killed by AFP soldiers.
At the encounter site, they saw the dead girl lying on the ground. The back of Grecil’s head had been blasted off. Almasa claims no firearms were found near the body.

The fact that the AFP even had the guts to use Grecil's murder for propaganda is really deplorable. What kind of thinking breeds such disregard for life?
She was 9 years old. She had big brown eyes and shiny black hair. She liked spider-fighting and watching “Wowowee,” and woke up at six every morning for the hour-long walk down the mountain to her second-grade class. Her teacher said she should study harder, and she did, because she was a little girl who wanted to be a nurse someday. She had a medal for “Most Neat” at the end of the school year. In the summer, she played with the other children, racing rubber bands while hopping in green-slippered feet.

Her name was Grecil, and she was killed, shot once on the elbow and once on the head.

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