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It's joke time

Joke for the day #1: AFP takes lead in pact for clean polls

Joke for the day #2: Esperon orders troops to focus on solving political killings

Joke for the day #3: Chavit caught on video buying votes (again). Story here.

The punchline: when he realized there were media men, he took it back and said he was giving away not 50,000 pesos per barangay but 50,000 "anting-antings."

Sorry Chavit, but according to the COMELEC guidelines, it is not only money politicians are not allowed to give out but things of "use value". Including large volumes of anting-antings, I guess. (Hmm, on second thought...)

The best joke of the day award goes to Alan Cayetano: "DOJ Raul Gonzales should be added to the Guinness Book of World Records for most ridiculous things said and most excuses for breaking the law," he said on a TV interview reacting on news of Gonzales' vote-buying attempt. Nadale mo!

Joke time is over: 3 weeks before elections, Arroyo releases P1.76B for "infra repair." Bwiset.

“It's joke time”