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Top links and events last month

First up, Oreta says sorry for being EDSA 2's dancing queen. Well, if you ask me, the news didn't make me consider, not even for a bit, voting for her. It just brings back to my mind happy thoughts of EDSA 2, with the UP and Ateneo students chanting as one: "Ooooh... lala... Oreta-p*ta-ka!"

Here is my what-I-would-have-blogged-about-if-only-I-wasn't-too-busy-last-month list:

> Politicians' lame TV ads. Wrongbee here has a nice list.

> GMA ordering the lifting of tuition cap. NUSP explains here. Hindi pa man nagbobotohan, talo na tayo. In exchange probably of election support, GMA suddenly ordered the CHEd to lift the inflation rate limit on tuition hikes. Another reason not to vote for Team GMA.

> Walden Bello and AKBAYAN's opportunism. Teo Marasigan says Bello and his party is in crisis.

> The (anti-)terror law. For dummies: step 1, read this position paper. Step 2, see it to believe it. Step 3, have a look at your bill of rights and find out how many of these rights are violated.

Yes my dear, welcome to the dark ages. And yes, everybody thinks the law is full of shit.

> Militarization in campus and barangays in the Metro. Everyone knows they're there because of the elections, just take a look at this video. This is also a preparation for the full implementation of the anti-terror law come July.

Haayyyy. We're up for a very very bumpy ride this elections.

> Everyone's raving over the KABATAAN Partylist video featuring Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo.

> Meanwhile, my online free time's been eaten up by my being KABATAAN Partylist Website designer, trying very hard to understand html, CSS, php, and devoting time to read the Wordpress codex. It's really tedious work, but rewarding. (I'm just hoping I get everything in the site done already.)

Yipeee. Feels good to have blogged again after a while. Feel superb after watching this unbelievable video . Do a transcript, and if you have a little sister get her to memorize it. Hehe.

“Top links and events last month”