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Resbak: Boycott Globe Starting Feb 8!

TxtPower is calling for a Boycott on Globe products and services in response to its refusal to implement the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) order to rollback its Unlimited Text Promo rates.

The NTC issued an order for Globe to hold in abbeyance its new promo and revert to the old rates after a TxtPower picket protest last Monday, which Globe refused to follow.

A show cause order was released by the NTC today, summoning Globe to a public hearing on Feb 9. The new order asked Globe to "restore" its old Unlimited Text Promo rates and "cease and desist" from implementing the new promo.

Here's some chismis from the press conference at the NTC: officials say Globe has never acted this way before and would usually submit to orders made by the Commission. "Eleksyon kasi eh," says the official we talked to, pointing out that Globe's confidence and arrogance might be because of its ties with politicians seeking its support during the campaign season.

TxtPower and Kabataan Partylist should probably reach out to national candidates and challenge them to take a stand on the issue to generate more support.

I'm going to have to reinstall my chikka text software and fix my SunCell fone for the boycott.

Read TxtPower's boycott declaration.

“Resbak: Boycott Globe Starting Feb 8!”

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    Mabuhay ang mg cutie na kabataang radikal!

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    haha! maaaaaaabuhayyyy!

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